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You have discovered the #1 resource for fun and highly rewarding fitness careers and jobs for personal trainers!

This site is a collaboration between personal training business expert John Spencer Ellis and NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association). Together, we are providing you with the best possible information on personal trainer certifications, personal training jobs, and turn-key business and marketing solutions for entrepreneurial personal trainers.

Take a moment and decide "where you are" in your fitness career..... What is your next step for success as a personal trainer? Do you need a certification, or are you ready for a job, or do you want to operate your own business. It's all here for you.


If you are brand new to fitness and your personal training career, you need to earn your personal trainer certification from NESTA. You will save up to 52% as compared to other NCCA-accredited personal trainer certifications.

NESTA also offers a complete list of fitness jobs in your area.

If you are interested in personal trainer careers like fitness boot camps, group exercise and martial arts fitness programs, click here. You can also get hours of free personal training job and career education.